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North Hollywood – TBA 2021 (Post-Production)

With a logline that amusingly calls itself “the first-ever movie about becoming a pro skater,” North Hollywood is — right from the get-go — introducing itself as a winking, light-hearted, self-aware coming-of-age story. Written and directed by Mikey Alfred, who produced Jonah Hill’s Mid90s, North Hollywood has a cast filled with newcomers and famous faces alike, including Nico Hiraga (Moxie), Miranda Cosgrove, Blake Anderson, and Vince Vaughn. Details remain limited otherwise, but the movie made its premiere in late March, which means that it should be out later in 2021. Especially since it comes from producer Pharrell Williams, it’s only a matter of time before it finds a distributor.

Certainly, the trailer for North Hollywood has a tone reminiscent of the aforementioned Mid90s, which should make it appealing to movie lovers who enjoyed Jonah Hill’s impressive first outing as a writer-director. Admittedly, coming-of-age movies based in sunny LA are a dime a dozen these days, but North Hollywood will hopefully make a good impression — especially with its high-profile cast.


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