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Vince Vaughn Loves The ‘Surprising’ Way Freaky Tackles Bullying

download movie latest in hindi

download movie latest in hindi

I think it’s a fertile ground for all of us as human beings. There’s a stage where you’re going through changes, you’re not confident, public humiliation is a big deal, and your universe is so small, there’s no way to escape it because this is your ecosystem. I think, in the script, it does a good job of setting Millie (Kathryn Newton) up with both a complicated home life, she’s got a good quality of friends, but even the small thing of the guy (barking) at her in the hallway… to him, it’s just a moment in his day. But for her, it’s like, ‘You’re totally making me feel weak and it’s a horrible feeling.’ And that’s what is interesting in the film. I think that even though it’s the Butcher and it’s dark, it’s a weirdness that — you’re almost like, with a teacher who was unkind, we’ve all had those moments. So it sort of, in an odd way, addresses it. It’s almost empowering, in a dark and kind of surprising way.


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