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WandaVision Somehow Makes One Of The Worst MCU Movies Better

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download movie latest in hindi

As an Avengers movie, Age of Ultron is the weakest one, without reservation. But now, with Wanda’s story coming into full frame with WandaVision, that film’s existence isn’t as much of a negative mark on the MCU as it once was. Instead of watching that second team-up at face value, fans are now allowed to see it as Wanda’s tragic origin story, as well as a crucial foundation for the idyllic world she seems to have created in Westview. Her subconscious was shaped by events in her past that Age of Ultron depicts and makes mention of, so instead of treating it as an Avengers movie, one could see it as a Wanda Maximoff origin story. Now that it’s full of clues to what exactly is happening in WandaVision, you’re made to actually want to watch it again, without hesitation.


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