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Wander Darkly Ending Explained: What Really Happens And What It Means

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What The Ending Means To The Rest Of Wander Darkly

Once you experience the ending of Wander Darkly, the feeling is to immediately venture back to the beginning to understand how the movie could have possibly been about the death of Matteo the entire time instead of Adrienne. With my own return to the movie after my first watch, I noticed there’s this really clever thing the filmmakers do that you might not catch on first viewing. 

When Adrienne walks outside and ends up in her funeral, it looks like the scene splices are just camera shifts, but the editing is weaving her memories in a completely non-linear fashion. At first we think she walks out of her house, dead without her daughter Elle being able to see her as a ghost into her funeral, but she moved from one memory to the next. We learn later in the film that the funeral we witness is for the mother of Matteo before their car accident and she is reliving memories associated with death in order to understand the concept of experiencing it so viscerally with her partner’s death.


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