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Welcome To 2021, Where This Leonardo DiCaprio And Steve Martin Comparison Will Make You Feel Super Old

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download movie latest in hindi

Look, maybe Leonardo DiCaprio looks 5 percent less amazing nowadays. He did, after all, play a character who was sort of on a downward trajectory in his career and not totally taking care of himself in Quentin Tarantino’s recent Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, which doesn’t help that imagery. But the fact the actor is nearing fifty is still difficult to fully comprehend. Whether it’s because DiCaprio is a longtime bachelor or simply because more time has passed than many of us are willing to admit, him being the same age as a grey-haired Steve Martin was when he played the father of a bride stands out as a stark fact, though my favorite take on the matter came from one commenter on the original Twitter post Nancy Meyers responded to, which joked:


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