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What Doctor Strange’s Spider-Man 3 Role May Tells Us About The Blockbuster

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download movie latest in hindi

So what does this mean specifically? It’s hard to say at this point, as context clues only get us so far. We can acknowledge that it would be excessively weird if Jamie Foxx were playing Electro again just for the sake of repairing mistakes of the past, but exactly how he might wind up crossing paths with an alternate version of himself is totally up in the air. The same goes for the part that will be played by Doctor Strange. We can speculate that Spider-Man could go to him looking for a way to magically get everyone to forget his secret identity, but that’s just an effort at connecting the dots that we presently observe. Future revelations could totally upend that theory and create a whole new landscape of possibilities. But at present the likelihood of seeing multiverse action in Spider-Man 3 seems pretty damn high.


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