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What Marvel Studios Did During Its Unexpected Year ‘Off’ In 2020

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download movie latest in hindi

Well, I think we all had an unexpected year to do other things. In addition to thinking and planning, we were also finishing and producing, post and shooting, and we were able to finish and start many, many things. … It was very impressive how the team, both within Marvel Studios itself and on all the productions going, were able to, by July, get back to full on pre-production, full-on development, full-on post-production. And then a little bit later in August and September, (we were) safely going back into production on things. So it’s mainly just been continuing to work. The biggest change has been not sharing anything with the public, and not speaking to great folks like yourself as we work on these things. So I’m very, very excited that that changes (with WandaVision).


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