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What The Saving Private Ryan Cast Is Doing Now

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download movie latest in hindi

Jeremy Davies – Corporal Upham

Corporal Upham is new to the team. He’s only brought on it because he knows German and French. He’s never seen combat before joining Miller’s team. His role is kind of a mix between an observer and the moral compass of Saving Private Ryan. Jeremy Davies has been working consistently since Saving Private Ryan, but doesn’t have many major movie credits.

He appeared in the films Secretary, The Laramie Project, Solaris, Dogville, The House That Jack Built, and It’s Kind of A Funny Story. However, his TV credits are quite extensive and impressive. He played Dr. Daniel Faraday in ABC’s Lost.He played Dickie Bennett in Justified, and Malcolm Dreyfuss in Sleepy Hollow. Jeremy Davies has also appeared in the series Twin Peaks, American Gods, The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, FBI, Lucifer, Constantine, Hannibal, and The Rookie.


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