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Why Dune Moving Release Dates Is Actually A Good Thing

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download movie latest in hindi

Fans Old And New Will Have Plenty Of Time To Read Frank Herbert’s Book

The world of Dune can be pretty intimidating. The last time an adaptation of the book hit theaters, director David Lynch and Universal Pictures felt the need to put out a glossary that was handed out to moviegoers who were attending screenings back in 1984. Some folks don’t know what Stillsuit are, and can’t recite the Litany Against Fear if their life depended on it. Others might know what those things are, but want to brush up on their knowledge before seeing this new film; especially when determining how much this adaptation gets right, and whether or not the cutoff point this first installment ends on is fitting or frustrating. Now there exists extra time for folks to check out Herbert’s original book, which might have been hard for some people to find time for between now and mid-December. Dune’s delay will hopefully allow libraries and bookstores to stock copies accordingly. Between the trailer’s content, and Herbert’s legendary text, that feels like a one, two punch when it comes to selling viewers at large on why Dune truly is deserving of all the attention paid to its release date.


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